Automation systems facilitate sunscreen control such as winding particularly heavy rolling shutters, outdoor screens, or closing shutters that are difficult to reach, all without moving from the sofa. A button and remote control are the two options to choose from to operate the automation with a simple gesture.

Synergies to save energy.

Thanks to the sun/wind sensor which can be fitted on the systems, it is easy to shield the environments, preventing the sun from making them too hot and saving on their conditioning. Even if you’re not home, the sun/wind sensor is activated when sudden gusts of wind threaten your screen.

Safe, always.

You can set the times for the system to automatically turn on even in large buildings, programming the simultaneous opening and closing of several shutters, rolling shutters or screens.

Not just Convenience.

Aesthetics should never be neglected: visual impact is important. When renovating or buying a new home or office, it is easy to replace blinds with rolling shutters and curtain rods with a comfortable and unobtrusive button or remote control.