Is it possible to open and close a door without using your hands? Is it possible to enter a pharmacy, shop or company premises without touching the door? In short, is it possible to live and reopen safely?

With FAAC you can. And you must.

We already have many solutions available that meet the new safety requirements and guarantee that restaurants, bars, shops, companies, public and private offices, tourist facilities and any other business that are open to the public can operate in full compliance with the provisions for the phase following the health emergency.


FAAC offers a new range of products that integrate and update the functions of various types of doors and automation to deliver new applications that are both functional and indispensable in the current context.

The solutions manufactured by FAAC are simple and quick to install. They require no structural work and offer effective answers for people counting, queue management, carrying out checks at the entrance and on the number of people present in a given area, and lastly, touch free opening and closing. By releasing staff from people counting and management duties at the entrance to the premises and allowing people to enter in a safe and orderly manner, these products allow you to focus on sales, customer care or counter services.


The flow of customers and users is always under control with SAFE FLOW

The FAAC SAFE FLOW line consists of 6 solutions. It has been designed for people counting, capacity and queue management for both automatic and manual single or multi-entrance doors. It can be used for any configuration or requirement: from a small shop with only one door to a supermarket or shop with two entrances, from a big shopping center with a large number of entrances to large companies with multiple situations to manage and from hospitals to public offices. SAFE FLOW can always provide the right solution.


SAFE FLOW 01 is the single entrance solution and is optimized for flow control management of a single entry and exit door with one person passing at a time. It can be applied to all new or existing FAAC automatic sliding doors and provides an upgrade compatible with XDT1 and XDT3 sensors that are already installed. The sensors on the door detect the passage of people, counting the number of those that enter / exit the premises. The door can be programmed to prevent entry when the maximum number of people allowed on the premises has been reached. A red/green LED light on the outside of the entrance indicates when it is possible to enter. It is economical and easy to install, making it perfect, for example, for any type of small shop.


SAFE FLOW F 02 on the other hand is a multi-entrance solution. It is also compatible with existing FAAC doors. It has the same characteristics and serves the same purpose as the SF01 model but is designed to manage one user at a time on two or more entry and exit doors, always ensuring that the number of people allowed on the premises is not exceeded. People counting is centralized and when the maximum capacity is reached, the entry doors remain closed and the LED light turns red. Again, this product is also easy to install on existing entrances by simply installing a FAAC door control board with Keydom technology. There is also an optional customisable information display available.


An additional solution is SAFE FLOW 03 that uses a laser sensor and Keydom centralized control technology. It is specifically designed for premises with multi-entrances, allowing entry and exit from multiple doors, even if several people enter and exit at the same time and prevents entry when the maximum number of people allowed on the premises has been reached. A particularly interesting feature is that it can be applied to any make or type of sliding door.


SAFE FLOW 04 is the solution specifically for premises with one or more pedestrian accesses, even if they are not fitted with automatic doors. A laser sensor detects the passage of people, counting the number that enter / exit the premises, even at the same time. Once the maximum number of people allowed on the premises has been reached, a signal is sent to the entrance or the door closes automatically.


Touch free solutions for manually operated swing doors



SAFE FLOW 05 and SAFE FLOW 06 have been designed for installation on manually operated interior or exterior swing doors. This allows you to do two things: prevent the door from opening with direct contact and manage the number of people present. The first product has two touch free buttons that allow people to pass, counting the number that enter and exit. Once the maximum number of people allowed has been reached, the door is locked and the signalling LED changes from green to red. The second product performs a similar task but is applied to an exterior door. The SF05 and SF06 solutions are used with FAAC automations A951 and 950N2 respectively and both are equipped with touch free XMS buttons.


Lastly, TOUCH FREE 01 and TOUCH FREE 02 have been designed for FAAC A951 and 950N2 automatic doors. These are two single-entry solutions that are ideal for avoiding any type of contact, guaranteeing maximum hygiene. They do not count the number of people present but the two touch free buttons allow passage in both directions.