Electronic control unit

Use application field

For 24V vehicle barriers

  • Equipped with power supply switching, diplay programming, BUS 2easy technology and OMNIDEC
  • Compatible with XF433/XF868 quick insert module


Item code





Power supply voltage

220-240V~ 50/60 Hz

Motor max power

150 W

Max. accessories load

500 mA

Accessories power supply



LED display and buttons

Operating logic

EP – A – AP – B – BC – C – P

Programmable functions

Logic, Pause time, Opening/Closing power, Opening/Closing speed, Work time, Cycle counter for service, service request, warning light output, Failsafe output, Status output, Beam LED lighting output , traffic light head output, battery operation, pre-flashing time, Stop, exits delay , Primary-Secondary

Work time

Programmable (from 0 to 9,5 min)

Pause time

Programmable (from 0 to 9,5 min)

Thrust power

Programmable on 50 levels

Speed adjustment

Programmable on 10 levels

Terminal board inputs

Loop1*, Loop2*, Open, Close, Stop, Emergency, Battery, BUS 2easy, Power supply

Terminal board outputs

24V Flashing-lamp, Motor, Accessories supply 24V , 4 programmable outputs

Rapid connector

XF433/868 Module for OmniDEC decoding, USB, Traffic light indicator head, Beam LED lighting

Protection Fuses

1 (2,5A) + self-resetting fuses

Operating ambient temperature

-20°C ÷ +55°C