Just like your classic imagination, the swing gate is that which opens up before us. It consists of one or two leaves that usually open inward, rotating with respect to the pins or hinges fixed to columns or supporting pillars on both sides.


This type of gate can be automated in various ways, by means of external or underground operators, depending on the functional and aesthetic requirements.

Each solution guarantees ease and reliability, one opening after another.


There are several selection criteria, starting with the dimensions. The gate width is the first to be evaluated, together with the structure of the leaves themselves.

If, for example, they are made of wrought iron and are small, a compact and unobtrusive solution is found in 413, fitted with an emergency manual release using a customised key.

Hydraulic operators, like the 402, are the ideal solution if the gate leaf is small but heavy.

Use frequency also makes a difference: if a small residential gate opens several times a day, the S418 model is the ideal solution.

Is your gate set on large pillars?

No problem: when the gate is supported by large columns and their structure is not to be altered with niches for the operator, you can opt for an articulated arm solution, like the 391. It is simple to install, particularly versatile, fitted with an emergency manual key release and is, of course, perfect for large pillars and side walls.

Do you want to automate a pedestrian gate?

Said and done: the compact and unobtrusive 413 automation is recommended for pedestrian passages or gates with small leaves. It is silent and offers high thrust power even for rather heavy gates. There is an emergency manual release with a custom key above the operator, easily reached.

Non-stop even during powercuts.

FAAC solutions are ready for anything: 24V operators allow emergency batteries to be used, which always allow the gate to work smoothly, without having to intervene on the emergency manual release.

Of course, there is a model for each type. For example, the 770N invisible solution for the most demanding in terms of aesthetics, or the S450H external operator applied directly on the leaf.

Less consumption, more performance.

All the automations for swing gates are technologically advanced in terms of safety as well as energy savings. The 24V models, for example, are set up for safety functions, allowing the gate to immediately re-open when it encounters an obstacle.

A function which, today, is also available for the 230V models, thanks to the implementation of additional devices, such as the SAFEcoder.

FAAC evolves without forgetting the environmental requirements by providing electronics that can minimise consumption.

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