A FAAC automated sliding gate frees the passage thanks to the leaf moving to the left or right, easily and safely. The leaf must always be supported by appropriate systems that prevent tilting or derailment.
Sliding gates can be made from different materials, shapes and sizes.
Sliding is usually guaranteed by a guide fixed to the ground and wheels fixed to the gate itself.

Automatic Sliding Gates and Cantilever Gates

There are two selection criteria: the weight of the leaf and the type of use. Sliding gates for residential use are usually lighter (weighing up to 500 kg) and if they are opened a few times a day, the 740 is perfect.
For more frequent use, weight up to 600 kg and the quietest movement, the ideal solution is the 746 E R.
Industrial gates need an 844 E R.

Everything moves, even in a powercut

No problem. In an emergency, the 24V operators can use batteries, thereby allowing for smooth operation, no need to act on the emergency manual release, such as the C720 models for gates up to 400 kg or the C721 for gates up to 800 kg.

Less consumption, more performance.

All models for residential use, for example, include the SAFEzone safety function that allows the gate to immediately re-open when it encounters an obstacle.

FAAC evolves without forgetting the environmental requirements by providing GREENtech technology that can minimise consumption, available in the C720 and C721 models, for example.


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