Performance, reliability and price are the basic requirements behind all FAAC products. FAAC.

To maintain the same high quality levels that have always characterised our products, FAAC has invested constantly in technology, advanced production methods and organisation. All personnel in our organisation are committed to respecting our corporate policies and values on a daily basis, and to the continuous improvement of every activity performed within the FAAC group.


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    FAAC and certification go hand in hand. For a start, FAAC's Quality Management System is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

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    Our M30 traffic bollard has been tested to the criteria established in ASTM F2656-07 and has been certified as conforming to the highest possible penetration class.

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    The NEMKO certification is given to automatic doors that have been tested and certified for millions of cycles. This document certifies that the product does not need maintenance until 2,000,000 usage cycles.

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    FAAC's automatic doors and all FAAC products related to the safety of automatic door systems for access and escape applications are produced according to EN 16005 standard and certified by TÜV.

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    FAAC applies the UL/CSA certification demanded by the U.S.A. market to all its automatic gates and doors. This certifies the safety of all electrical components and products, with special regard to fire and electric shock prevention.

Technology with a green heart

SAFE & GREEN is a whole new approach to automation, from FAAC, and effectively addresses the themes that have always been central to FAAC's design philosophy:

  • The safety of automation systems and their conformity to the requirements of European Directives and other applicable standards.
  • The reduction of energy consumption for less impact on the environment and real savings for end users.
  • SafeZone
  • GreenTech

SAFEzone identifies FAAC's hydraulic and 230 V or 24 V electro-mechanical automation systems based on the latest electronic control cards and devices like the brand new SAFEcoder absolute encoder (a FAAC patent). These products permit the installation of new, fully conforming systems and the upgrading of older FAAC installations to conform to the latest standards without having to change the automation system itself.

GREENtech identifies FAAC gate automation systems that combine the latest generation of electronic control cards with innovative, patented mechanical components and devices.

Greater respect for the environment and added benefits for the end user are ensured by a significant reduction in operating costs without compromising the superb performance of FAAC automation systems.

Innovation, step by step


Identifies products with an integrated universal radio data decoding system.


Identifies electronic control cards that permit simple, two-wire cabling of cascaded accessory installations based on a FAAC proprietary protocol.


Identifies hydraulic actuators with a 24 V electric motor.


Identifies electronic control cards that are compatible with external modules and permit the remote control of automation systems. If these cards are supplied as standard components of an automation system, the complete product is identified by this logo.


Identifies automatic doors fitted with a device that identifies the direction of movement and assesses a person’s intention to go through the doorway, and uses this data to optimise opening and closing times and prevent needless loss of indoor air.

The most important certification,
is our DNA.

Our trade marks, patents and certifications all testify to and confirm FAAC’s unique business philosophy, which we have always considered "the most important certification of all".

Continuous commitment to component and product quality, careful selection of suppliers, and scrupulous production process quality control since 1965 have made the FAAC brand a worldwide by-word for high quality, reliability, conformity to standards and end user safety.