We are all committed to reopening safely in this phase following the health emergency.

After having experienced new ways of living, relating to one another, traveling and working, for most of us it is now a question of leaving our house and returning to normal as soon as possible. This will be a process in which we will have to be careful and change the ways we have always done things.

In particular, we will have to invent new ways of sharing spaces and to comply with instructions that adopt a scientific approach to minimizing the risk of infection.

During the long weeks of almost total lockdown, each one of us, either as an individual, a member of a family or a community, but also as an entrepreneur or manager, has inevitably thought again about himself and his role in the new reality in which we now find ourselves.

We also did this at FAAC, asking ourselves if and how our products and services can provide answers to the changing needs of society today.

How to reopen shops and offices safely

One of the most urgent issues is now to reopen shops and offices while keeping both customers and employees safe and at the same time complying with data protection and current regulations. Different measures must, therefore, be adopted, according to circumstances and individual situations: from making a simple modification to an existing entrance to managing the number of people allowed in internal and external spaces.

To reopen safely, you need to do three things, and these are what the set of FAAC products allows you to do best: control, measure, and distance. 

Access control, people counting, flow analysis, touchless transit, overcrowding prevention, thermal detection, remote control, automatic doors and entrances, bollards, and turnstiles. These are all products that FAAC already produces or that can be combined with our products, not only to do what they did before but also to meet the new tasks that we have to face because of the current emergency.


Imagine reopening together

Many solutions are already available and can be used immediately; other applications still have to be invented together with our customers because everyone will have to adapt them to their specific situation, in ways that may not have even been foreseen yet.

This is why FAAC is available to assist anyone who wishes to reopen their business and are looking for intelligent and reliable solutions to make everyone safe.